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Being a Victim is a Choice

Declan Whelan talsk about how team member can act as victim when they say the word “can’t, never, …”. He suggest how this situation can be changed to get a performing team.

Working Effectively With Developers

Developers and testers often do not work effectively together. Either the developers can change, we can change, or both. I’ve never had much luck directly changing other people’s behavior. The article “Working Effectively With Developers” discusses of the interactions between developers and testers.

How to Manage Programmers

In his blog post “How to Manage Programmers” Tuomas Pelkonen discuss how to deal with programmers in a software project. Everybody knows that programmers are probably the hardest people to manage, because the way they work is so different from the norm. The things that are important to them are...

Eight barriers to effective listening

Nearly every aspect of human life could be improved by better listening, from family matters to corporate business affairs to international relations. Most of us are terrible listeners. We’re such poor listeners, in fact, that we don’t know how much we’re missing. The following are eight common barriers to good...