Project Management for Software Development

How Many People Do You Need?

“We regularly coach groups that ask, “How can we calculate how many people we will need?” Our suggestion is, “Start with a small group of great people, and only grow when it really starts to hurt.” That rarely happens.” “Scaling Lean & Agile Development – Thinking and Organizational Tools for...

What’s the Point of Points?

One of the earliest changes we tried out that got the agile snowball rolling was estimating using points rather than hours or days (or weeks…). Estimating in points though is a weird thing. It doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense at first. It’s really quite hard to explain...

Agile, Multidisciplinary Teamwork

The article “Agile, Multidisciplinary Teamwork” by Gautam Ghosh presents techniques and tools used to create requirements with a team composed of the different participants of agile projects.

Project Management Resource


PRINCE2 is a generic, tailorable, simple to follow project management method. It covers how to organise, manage and control your projects. It is aimed at enabling you to successfully deliver the right products, on time and within budget.

Self-Organization and Anarchy

“Self-organizing teams are at the core of the agile management, but the concepts have become corrupted – and counterproductive – in parts of the agile community. Although self-organizing is a good term, it has, unfortunately, contingent within the agile community who encourage an anarchistic management style and have latched onto...